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Unbounce needed a t-shirt for their first conference in Vancouver. I think a lot of conference swag is too heavily branded and I personally never want to wear them after the event. I wanted to design something that was ambiguous at a glance but had a story layered into it. I'm really happy with how it turned out and hope you enjoy checking out my project!

September 02, 2014
Unbounce hosted it's first conference, Call to Action Conference, in September 2014. This is the t-shirt I designed as part of the swag that attendees received. Unbounce team members also had their own version to make them more easily identifiable during the one day event. 
I really wanted to take the focus off of Unbounce branding and instead tell the story of what Unbounce is. I decided to focus on the Unbounce product. A landing page builder and A/B test center for Marketers who don't have IT resources.
The first draft tells the journey of a Marketer finding Unbounce and subesquently improving the performance of their campaign.
Initially their campaign isn't performing very well and they are at a loss of with what to do. They think of code as a bunch of 1's and 0's and might know they need landing pages but don't have the development chops to build them.
Eventually, they stumble across Unbounce and learn that landing pages might be the solution to their poor performing campaign.  And what do you know? They have a drag-and-drop landing page builder! 
The story continues through publishing a landing page, A/B testing it, monitoring traffick and clicks, generating leads ($$$), and their campaign's performance increasing.
After meeting with stakeholders they decided they wanted the design to be more conference/event specific. I kept the art direction and went back to the sketch book with the day's agenda to start mapping out a new story.
I decided to pull inspiration from Vancouver itself as well as what attendees would experience over the 2 night, 1 day event. 
I roughly sketched all the things that came to mind that could be used along the path of the story and then hopped into illustrator to start playing around and building elements.
The conference started with attendees from all over meeting at Unbounce HQ for beer and ping pong the night before the talks. The next morning things kicked off at SFU Woodward's in downtown Vancouver where attendees had all the coffee, talks, tweets, networking, and food they could ask for... And then drinks.
Team tees: Left, Attend-tees*: Right. 
*yup, that happened

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